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  • 7 April 2017

    Job type: Digital and public diplomacy, media relations. Apply before 7 May 2017

    Job details:


    Location: Central London

    Job type: Digital and public diplomacy, media relations

    Application deadline: Please send your CV (in English) and covering letter (in Polish) by Friday,

    7 May 2017 to


    All successful candidates will receive an email by Friday 12 May 2017 inviting them to attend interviews at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London.


    Responsibilities and accountabilities:


    You will take on a full-time position of the Embassy’s Public Relations Specialist, as part of the Media and Public Diplomacy team. You will work directly with the Embassy’s Press Counsellor in all areas of public relations, media relations, public diplomacy, digital diplomacy, and event management handled by the Polish Embassy. You will report directly to the Embassy’s Press Counsellor and intermittently with the Deputy Head of Mission and other Embassy heads of departments.

    You will play an integral role in driving the Embassy’s proactive public and digital diplomacy programme as well as its media approach, using your skills to develop key relationships with UK media and partner institutions, often in cooperation with other Embassy departments and other external partners.

    This bilingual role at the Embassy encompasses a wide range of responsibilities (internal and external communications) in the press office of one of Poland’s largest and most politically significant diplomatic missions. The role requires up to date knowledge of Polish, European and international politics, in depth grasp of a variety of diplomatic issues, thorough understanding of Polish history and modern Poland, a high level of sensitivity and discretion, an ability to handle crisis situations under pressure, excellent written and oral skills.


    What will you do?


    Developing and maintaining press relations with both UK and Polish media, managing press and media agendas during high profile events and visits

    Development and implementation of the Embassy’s social media strategy via the Embassy’s website as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts

    Development and execution of public diplomacy campaigns and projects (internally and externally)

    Development and execution of a wide range of public diplomacy events (conferences, debates, seminars), often in collaboration with external organisations (think-tanks, universities etc)

    Preparation and distribution of information on Poland/Polish matters to various outlets and target audiences, writing press releases and articles

    Assistance with formal state delegations at a wide variety of levels

    Speech writing


    Analysis and assessment of coverage on Poland and Polish matters in the UK press (Please note that this list of responsibilities is not exhaustive)


    Qualifications, skills, knowledge and expertise:


    Tertiary education (completed BA/BSc or MA/MSc degree)

    Strong written and oral skills: native or near native in Polish and English. You should have a developed writing style that allows you to implement a wide variety of styles with ease.

    Understanding  of social media communications’ role in public diplomacy and advanced practical skills in managing social media accounts

    Knowledge and understanding of diplomatic protocol requirements

    Event management and execution at all levels with an ability to simultaneously manage external partners’ involvement on multiple fronts

    An appreciation of, and interest in, current affairs and international politics

    An ability to come to grips with complex issues, with a capacity to present clear and succinct analyses, both orally and in writing, both in English and Polish

    Excellent interpersonal skills

    Excellent proofing skills

    Impeccable presentation skills

    High level of professionalism and ability to work independently

    Previous experience in volunteer work, community service, NGO’s or scouting will be seen as an asset – please include this in your CV as well as information about your other special non-professional interests.

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