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  • 11 April 2017

    Discover our virtual map and see what activities are planned near you on 6-7 May!

    Polish Heritage Day is a new initiative of the Polish Embassy in London inviting to celebrate openness, appreciation, and better understanding between the Polish community and the wider British society. Taking place in various locations on 6-7 May 2017, celebrations will take the form of numerous events, shows, picnics, and lectures organised by the Polish diaspora in cooperation with local councils, Polish Saturday Schools, and Polish-language Roman Catholic parishes. 

    To discover more about each event, follow #PLHeritageDay on social media or click on the white-and-red chequerboard!



    Project’s logo is based on the design of the white-and-red chequerboard – a symbol painted on the Polish airplanes during the Battle of Britain 1940. During the Battle, Polish pilots constituted the second largest Allied contingent after the British. During World War II and later in the time of communism, the United Kingdom was the refuge of the Polish Government-in-Exile and free Poles. The Polish community is a mixture of the descendants of those wartime and anti-communist exiles and those who decided to move to Britain after Poland joined the EU in 2004.

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